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541960_10151192078171375_939775211_nTeam Better Block works with cities, developers, and stakeholders to create quick, inexpensive, high-impact changes that improve and revitalize underused properties and highlight the potential for creating great “Complete Streets”. Though comprehensive planning projects are necessary for most property developments, the cost, scale, and long-range timelines associated with these initiatives can often lead to a loss in project momentum and frustration or lack of confidence among development stakeholders and area residents. Team Better Block creates a series of “quick win” projects using the “Better Block” approach that brings greater attention to developments prior to buildout, which in turn increases the potential for pre-leasing. Our team also works with developers to identify and test infrastructure improvements that can provide higher returns on their investments by increasing their project’s overall attractiveness and tenant quality of life.  Team Better Block also works with city governments to identify underperforming properties, and generate greater interest and reinvestment through community outreach.

Team Better Block are urban planning and community organizing professionals whose projects have been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and GOOD Magazine. TBB reduces the planning process down to its essential elements to quickly identify the assets of a community and begin linking them while creating great places for residents, and visitors within weeks, not years. The Better Block approach tests ideas in real-time to see how a community interacts with an area and quantifies those successes to inform a stronger long-term plan and vision for a community.

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ANDREW C. HOWARD, AICP (019543) – 9 years


EDUCATION: TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY – Bachelor of Geography, 1999

PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Contributing Author: Institute of Transportation Engineers Recommended Practice on Context Sensitive Design for Walkable Urban Thoroughfares, Open Plans Guide to Strategic Urbanism and Texas Context Sensitive Deisgn Manual and Process. Over thirty corridor, master and regional transportation plans. Co-creator of the Better Block Project.

AWARDS/ACHIEVEMENTS: American Society of Landscape Architects, Honor Award for Communications 2011, Venice Biennale 13th Annual International Architecture Exhibition, Texas Bicycle Coalition Advocate of the Year 2012

Andrew is one of the leading experts in transportation and placemaking in the nation. His fourteen years of experience in both public and private sector transportation and land development planning and design provides him an excellent perspective on city and regional issues. His career combines two important American traditions: entrepreneurship—the spirit of enterprise, and civic virtue—the spirit of community.

Andrew as the co-Founder of the Better Block and Principal at Team Better Block LLC helps communities develop and organize their economic assets to build productive, resilient relationships across the public, private, and civil sectors. Now being used in over fifty cities and three nations, the Better Block demonstrates how temporary sustainability improvements to a single city block can build momentum for long-term financial, social and environmental advancements.  The American Society of Landscape Architects called it, “a 21st-century version of what the Chicago World’s Fair did in 1893.”

Andrew’s overarching goal is to equip new leaders to take action in their communities. Through his business and civic ventures he is able to motivate everyday citizens, develop walkable places and positively influence organizational and cultural change in government. His work is creating the space for others to innovate and making Andrew a better planner and designer.




Jason Roberts

EXPERIENCE: I/T Specialist – 15 Years

EDUCATION: UNIVERSITY of NORTH TEXAS – Undergraduate Studies in Computer Science

PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Co-creator of the Better Block Project, founder of the Oak Cliff Transit Authority, Bike Friendly Oak Cliff, Go Oak Cliff and Art Conspiracy. Speaker at ProWalk Pro Bike 2011, TEDX Austin and Oklahoma and Mayors Innovation Conference 2012.

AWARDS/ACHIEVEMENTS: American Society of Landscape Architects, Honor Award for Communications 2011, Venice Biennale 13th Annual International Architecture Exhibition, Texas Bicycle Coalition Advocate of the Year 2012

Jason is an I/T Specialist with 15 years of experience in programming, website development, and network infrastructure planning. Jason formed a passion for transportation and urban development after a visit to Europe. In 2006, he formed the Oak Cliff Transit Authority, a non-profit organization, and developed their marketing and web presence, which lead to the city of Dallas being awarded a federal stimulus grant to reintroduce a streetcar system into the city by 2013. Jason recently spearheaded the “Better Block Project”, where he organized teams of advocates to revive blighted, vacant blocks of pre-war buildings into livable, sustainable developments complete with temporary businesses, landscaping, bike lanes, and outdoor cafe seating.

As a public outreach consultant, Jason specializes in translating complex engineering and planning terms and methods into easily understood messages for general public consumption. Additionally, he is adept at communicating with media outlets and providers throughout the nation. Jason serves as prime community and media contact during both planning and design phases. Jason’s role in Better Block is to lead all communications, organize stakeholders and lead coordination with government authorities.